Life Update: Upcoming Travel Plans (Utah + Hawaii)

BeInspireful - Travel Plans

Hi guys! I’m excited to share my travel plans for the next two months! I feel extremely privileged to be able to travel as much I have in my early 20’s. I know there are so many people that rarely ever have the opportunity to go on a vacation. So with that being said, I feel immensely blessed.

Sooo where exactly am I going? Well, spring is great time to travel because it’s not the height of tourism season, making flight tickets more affordable. In March, I will be flying out to Salt Lake City, Utah and in April, I will be adventuring to Maui, Hawaii!! Fun fact: my flight ticket to Maui was  $425 round-trip + Salt Lake City was $263 round-trip. This is an amazing deal considering  I live on the East Coast. Both getaways are going to be about a week long so I have been planning and watching travel guides like crazy! I am most excited for Booneville Salt Flats + Haleakala Sunrise.

Other possible travel plans in the future include Texas in the summer, Alaska in the fall, and maybe an international trip! Key word: maybe...I’m kind of pushing it, but a girl can dream! I absolutely love traveling so I can’t wait! 🙂  ~b

Donating My Hair for the 1st time! // Pantene Beautiful Lengths


BeInspireful - Hair Donate 29

BeInspireful - Hair Donate 24

BeInspireful - Hair Donate 26

BeInspireful - Hair Donate 28

Donating my hair to a cause has always been on my bucket list. On Jan. 8, 2018, I was able to cross it off! I recently chopped off  about 17 inches of my hair and donated 16 inches to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Here are my before/after pictures + a video documenting my whole experience!

1.) Why Pantene?

There are so many organizations to consider when picking a charity for hair donation. All with pros and cons, but I loved that fact that Pantene offered free wigs to women battling cancer. Creating real hair wigs is a costly matter and some organizations have to charge patients a small fee to help offset the cost. However, I’m not a fan of this method because I think giving back should always come with no strings attached.

Pantene is also all about women empowering other women (#GirlPower) which I wholeheartedly support.

3.) Requirements.

To donate to the program your ponytail length has to be a minimum of 8 inches. Also no dyes, bleaches, or chemicals to the hair is accepted. In addition, your hair can have no more than 5% of gray to be consider. To learn more about Pantene’s hair donation requirements click here.

2.) Afterthought.

It takes 8 – 15 ponytails to create just one Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, so every donation counts! If you are hesitant on donating, I encourage you to just go for it. Short hair is absolutely liberating — no regrets on my end. And overall, it just feels sooooo good knowing how impactful my hair donation can have on someone’s life. Think about it…the dead stuff that grows on your head can restore hope in someone’s heart. How beautiful is that? 🙂


10 Facts About Me + Coffee Shop Outfit

BeInspireful - Coffee Shop Outfit 2
Blazer – Elodie / Tank Top – Naked Zebra / Jeans – Marshalls / Shoes – F21 / Bag – Gigi New York Hayden Statchel

Happy Fri-yay guys! I have been putting off making an about me page/post for the longest time. I dread the whole process of defining myself  in general. It feels like an interview or small talk which I have never been a big fan of. Plus, it’s rather difficult to summarize yourself in a paragraph or two. However, I understand readers will feel blinded if they don’t get to know at least a few facts about the girl behind the screen. So I rounded a list of 10 (ish) facts about me. 🙂

1.) Background: I was born in Vietnam. I immigrated to the United States with my family when I was 4 years old. I grew up in a small town in Ohio.

2.) Age: 23 years old                     3.) Personality: INFJ                        4.) Zodiac: Pisces

BeInspireful - Coffee Shop Outfit 9.jpg5/6.) Height / Weight: I am 4’11 or  4’10.5 and weigh around 93-96 lbs. I have stayed between this range since 7th grade. This is also about the time I stopped growing for good 😦 …but on my  driver’s license I always write down 5’0 feet (haha… what can I say? It helps my self esteem).

7.) Gypsy Soul: I have done a fair amount of traveling. I have visited roughly 13 different countries and been all over the U.S. I backpacked Europe in college and my family did a road-trip across America when I graduated highschool. I do frequent trips throughout the year to various cities but I prefer international travel more and hope to be able to take at least one overseas trip a year. (Pst..Greece has been on my list!)

8.) Photographer: My brother and boyfriend both take pictures for me. They are amazing photographers and I am so so lucky to have their help. We go on a lot of mini weekend trips for fun so I try to get content from those excursions. I take some of my own pics on my Canon T3i or iphone 7. I edit all my photos with Adobe Photoshop or my phone.

9.) Favorite Music: Indie and acoustic jams give me life!! But I also like listening to dubstep songs when I run because it helps me pace myself.

BeInspireful - Coffee Shop Outfit 8.jpg

10.) Quirky: Probably the coolest fact about me is that I am very good at social media contests. It’s like a hidden talent and I have won close to 45 contests the last 2.5 years.  Some of my winnings include cash prizes, shopping sprees, wedding ring ( which I gave to my mother ) , a wedding dress ( I’m not married or engaged….lol ), beauty products, electronics, gift cards, home decor, etc. My favorite win of all time was an all inclusive paid trip to Cabo, Mexico courtesy of Urban Decay.

BeInspireful - Coffee Shop Outfit 7.jpg

That’s all for this post. Thanks for stopping by guys! I really appreciate it and I hope to be able to open up more about my personal life as time goes on 🙂 ~b

What’s In My Bag / Givenchy Antigona Mini

Hi all! I’m so excited to make this blog post about what’s in my bag. You can learn a lot about a gal by rummaging through her handbag. Whether she’s a neat freak or a hoarder of receipts – unzipping a purse is as revealing as entering someone’s bedroom. With a quick glance into mine you will uncover my love for coconut / vanilla scents , that I eat cough drops like candy (what exactly is in Ricola that makes it so yummy?!) , and I also have an issue with collecting bobby pins as well (they somehow all end in my purse– ha!). You get the gist that a purse holds our life – from random miscellaneous items to our sacred wallets that we wouldn’t dare leave the house without. We pack our bags to have our back because a purse after all is a girl’s best friend! So here’s a quick glimpse into my bag….. what’s in yours? ~b

Glasses /  Keys/ iPhone 7 / Little Bag / Notebook / Lotion / Eye Drop / Lip Balm / Contact Case / Lip Gloss / Wallet / Credit Card / Hair Ties / Cough Drops / Earbuds / Bobby Pins

BeInspireful - What's In My Bag
P.S. This is my first stop motion video. It was quite a tedious process but I love the quirky effect of the final product! I enjoyed being creative on the project, despite having to re-shoot some scenes and having photo quality issues. I’m planning on making a what’s in my travel bag – so stay tuned!


Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I have been creating content for a while now and wanted a space to document it all. My intention for my blog is to create content that is helpful and can inspire others. Hence the title. I actually came up with the name BeInspireful my senior year of high school. I used to scribbled the signature “~b” in the margins of my notebook – so it only seems fitting to keep that little girl’s dream alive. I plan on curating blog posts on outfit ideas, home décor, and travel inspiration. As a young adult fresh out of college, I am pretty frugal. Therefore, I plan on sharing budget-friendly options because that’s what is true to my personal lifestyle. I’m still very much a beginner and a work in progress but I’m excited to learn and develop as a creative individual.

Thank you so much for reading!