What’s In My Bag / Givenchy Antigona Mini

Hi all! I’m so excited to make this blog post about what’s in my bag. You can learn a lot about a gal by rummaging through her handbag. Whether she’s a neat freak or a hoarder of receipts – unzipping a purse is as revealing as entering someone’s bedroom. With a quick glance into mine you will uncover my love for coconut / vanilla scents , that I eat cough drops like candy (what exactly is in Ricola that makes it so yummy?!) , and I also have an issue with collecting bobby pins as well (they somehow all end in my purse– ha!). You get the gist that a purse holds our life – from random miscellaneous items to our sacred wallets that we wouldn’t dare leave the house without. We pack our bags to have our back because a purse after all is a girl’s best friend! So here’s a quick glimpse into my bag….. what’s in yours? ~b

Glasses /  Keys/ iPhone 7 / Little Bag / Notebook / Lotion / Eye Drop / Lip Balm / Contact Case / Lip Gloss / Wallet / Credit Card / Hair Ties / Cough Drops / Earbuds / Bobby Pins

BeInspireful - What's In My Bag
P.S. This is my first stop motion video. It was quite a tedious process but I love the quirky effect of the final product! I enjoyed being creative on the project, despite having to re-shoot some scenes and having photo quality issues. I’m planning on making a what’s in my travel bag – so stay tuned!