My Go-To Fall Outfit

BeInspireful - Fall Fun Outfit 11
Demin Jacket – H&M / Jeans – American Eagle / Top – F21 / Plaid Scarf – Kohl’s / Booties – Thrifted

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! Today marks a rare occasion where a Monday isn’t so dreadful – ha! I hope you all had a lovely holiday break with loved ones this weekend. I actually went back to my hometown for a few days. My boyfriend came along to meet my parents as well 🙂 . I’m almost certain that we both gained a solid 5 lbs with all the food my mum fed us with, but it was worth it because home cooked meals are simply the best!

Before we ventured back to Ohio to eat our hearts out, we did a spontaneous photo shoot (my brother helped too!). Living in the South means fall comes a little bit later so we were still able to capture these beautiful vibrant yellow leaves. The fall foliage was the perfect backdrop  because it really made my blue demin jacket popped. Overall, this is one of my favorite fall outfit and therefore my go-to. It is seriously so easy to throw on and makes you look like you kind-of have your life together. Keyword: kind of. In all seriousness though, you can never go wrong with a pair of basic black leggings, causal demin jacket, plain white sweater, and comfy ankle booties. Layering it with a classical plaid scarf helps pull the ensemble together. My go-to fall outfit is down-to-earth and comfortable making it ideal for any cozy fall day. ~b

BeInspireful - Fall Fun Outfit13

BeInspireful - Fall Fun Outfit14

BeInspireful - Fall Fun Outfit15

BeInspireful - Fall Fun Outfit16.jpg

Outfit Ideas: Girly Outfits

beinspireful - coral 1
Top – Lauren Conrad / Skirt –Tobi / Purse – Tory Burch / Shoes – Kohl’s
beinspireful - coral 2
Top – Lauren Conrad / Jeans American Eagle / Purse – Kate Spade / Shoes – Franco Sarto
beinspireful - coral 3
Top – Wetseal / Shorts – H&M / Shoes – Marshalls


In this blog post I didn’t focus on a particular color. Instead, I just put together some of my favorite outfits that I have worn in the past. These girly outfits are a good reflection of my personal style. I am drawn to pastel shades and flowy fabric by default.

  • The first outfit I have worn to job interviews. In the business world, the color scheme tends to be dark and serious. That’s why dressing with a pop of color makes you stand out – which is always a good thing in an interview!
  • The second outfit I have worn to school. I usually carried a satchel purse instead of a book bag because most of my course work was all done on the computer. Jeans and a semi dressy top is also a great way to look cute but still casual.
  • My last outfit is something I have worn on family vacations. Lace shorts and a chiffon top are perfect combos for summer.

Welp, that’s all for this post! I hope you guys get some outfit inspiration. 🙂


Outfit Ideas: Blush

beinspireful - blush 1
Tank Top – Lauren Conrad / Jeans – American Eagle / Wedges – DSW / Bracelets – DSW
beinspireful - blush 2
Cardigan – The Limited / Jeans – American Eagle / Tank Top – Forever 21 / Purse – Coach / Sandals – Kohl’s
beinspireful - blush 3
Blazer – Charlotte Russe / Jeans – American Eagle / Heels – Forever 21/ Shirt – Sears / Purse – Coach


Blush is the ultimate feminine color and personally one of my favorites. I love this color so much because of its understated elegance.  Naturally, I find myself gravitating towards it during the spring because of its warm undertone. Here are some dressy and casual outfits featuring this lovely hue!


Outfit Ideas: Neon

beinspireful - neon outfits

beinspireful - neon 1
Top – JC-Penney / Shorts – Forever 21 / Bag – ShoeMint / Shoes – JC-Penney
beinspireful - neon 2
Top- Old Navy / Skirt – Abercrombie & Fitch / Bag – JC Penney / Shoes – Steve Madden
beinspireful - neon 3
Top – Kohl’s / Jeans – American Eagle / Shoes – Old Navy / Purse – Forever 21

In contrast to my last blog post, these three outfits are all about bright neon colors for the summer!  Wearing color is the perfect way to show off your fun personality. I think people often times hesitate towards neon because it can be overwhelming. However, I found the best way to approach this is by offsetting the bold with safe neutral colors. This creates balance within the composition and makes the outfit more wearable in everyday life!

Also, to be completely honest,  I do not wear neons a lot in my own life – but it is always fun to mix it up once in a while! 🙂


Outfit Ideas: Bohemian

beinspireful - boho 1
Top – Lauren Conrad / Jeans – Old Navy / Shoes – Madden Girl / Purse – Modcloth
beinspireful - boho 2
Top – Forever 21 / Shorts – A&F / Shoes – Steve Madden / Purse – Modcloth
beinspireful - boho 3
Top – H&M / Skirt – Forever 21 / Shoes – DSW / Purse – Coach

Bohemian prints are the epitome of summer fashion. In this lookbook I played around with burnt orange and rustic brown shades inspired by boho/festival fashion.  I hope you guys enjoy these outfit ideas!


Outfit Ideas: Army Green

beinspireful - army green 1
Top – Thrifted / Shorts – Aeropostale / Sandals – Steve Madden / Purse – Modcloth
beinspireful - army green 2
Vest – JC penney / Top – Gilly Hicks / Leggings – Macy’s / Purse – Modcloth / Shoes- Kohl’s
beinspireful - army green 3
Top – Thirfted / Shorts – A & F /  Shoes – DSW / Purse – Modcloth

Army green seamlessly integrates with a more natural earthy color palette. Therefore, I automatically paired the color with more casual laid-back looks. I think these outfits are effortless and super easy to recreate for the summer!


Outfit Ideas: Pale Blue

beinspireful - pale blue 1
Cardigan – Walmart / Top – Forever 21 / Jeans – American Eagle / Shoes – Steve Madden
beinspireful - pale blue 2
Blazer – JC Penney / Purse – Tory Burch / Top – Walmart / Shoes – Shoe Dazzle
beinspireful - pale blue 3
Blazer – H&M / Top – Kohl’s / Jeans – Marshalls / Shoes – Forever 21 / Purse – Michael Kors

Some outfit ideas featuring the color pale blue! ~b

Outfit Ideas: Basic Black

beinspireful - basic black 1
Top – Kohl’s / Bottom – Zara / Purse – Michael Kors / Shoes – Forever 21
beinspireful - basic black 2
Chambray Top – Aero / Top – Forever 21 / Jeans – American Eagle / Purse – Modcloth / Shoes – Kohl’s
beinspireful - basic black 3
Top – Forever 21 / Shorts – Abercrombie Fitch / Purse – Michael Kors / Shoes – Nine West

The color black is super versatile, making it a staple in every wardrobe. Transitioning from edgy to chic happens instantly and effortless. With this fashion lookbook, I kept it very simple because black has the most impact when the overall outfit is minimal.


Outfit Ideas: Cobalt Blue

beinspireful - cobalt blue 1
Tank top – Dana Buchman / Jacket – Mystree / Wedges – Windsor / Jeans – Old Navy / Necklace – F21 / Purse – DSW
beinspireful - cobalt blue 2
Blazer – Charlotte Russe / Jeans – American Eagle / Wedges – Windsor / Purse – Kate Spade / Shirt – JOA
beinspireful - cobalt blue 3
Shirt – JC Penney / Shorts – American Eagle / Flip-Flops –Walmart / Purse – Michael Kors

Cobalt blue is a bold color that demands attention. Although it is a rich vibrant hue, there are plenty of ways to tone it down and wear it casually. I came up with this mini fashion lookbook featuring some everyday outfit inspiration!